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Moving Tips You’ll Ever Need

Moving is a densely frustrating and exhausting thing to do. Just thinking about packing your stuff and the costs make it all so overwhelming. During these times, we need some friendly advice to give us head start and to help us be more motivate in making this situation more positive.


Where can you get some really nifty ideas and tips to make it easier for you? Definitely, you would get those tips from people who have been in this situation for a couple of times. They would know what would really work based on their experience.


Here’s a really cool video about moving tips that you’ll ever need:

#1 Buy 2 to 3 times more extra boxes.

It would be pretty tiring to go back and forth buying extra boxes. Same rule applies for tape!

#2 Buy paper tape.

It easily rips and you don’t need to use any dispenser. Just lay it flat on the surface and rip it away!

#3 Buy small boxes.

You can put it your fragile things in small boxes and easily carry them. Large boxes can get really heavy so, try to reconsider small boxes.

#4 Put everything in boxes.

This will make things more stackable in your car or moving van.

#5 Pack a travel bag.

You can pack necessities such as clothes and toiletries, that you’ll need for the next couple of days. Just try to imagine that you’re traveling.

#6 Set aside essentials.

Prepare things that you’ll need right away after you moved in to your new house. Toilet paper, hand wash, you name it.

#7 Pack in sections.

Start off with stuff that you’re not going to need at all such as books and other knick-knacks that you might have. Creating sections would make it easier for you especially if you’re not a multitasker.

#8 Label boxes in detail.

Be specific about what things are inside the box. For example, don’t just write “kitchen” because you might have some boxes with the same label and you can’t figure it which box has the stuff that you need.

#9 Overalls and boots.

What you wear while packing and moving can be important. Overalls can give you some pockets which can be useful if ever you don’t want to lose your markers and stuff. Somehow, overalls and boots can give some amount of protection for your body.

#10 Use trusted movers.

Go with the best of the best. Just imagine entrusting your personal stuff with strangers. There are some incidents of stealing so, always go with movers who have a very good reputation.

Must-try Moving Hacks

Thinking of moving? It could be quite exciting to be in a new place, meet new friends and experience a new lifestyle. But, moving can become a nightmare if you don’t have anything planned and you just want to get done with it.


Here are some awesome, must-try moving hacks that could save the day:

#1 Purge before moving!

Take time to declutter and get rid of as much as you can before moving. You’ll end up with less stuff to pack. Sweet!

#2 Don’t buy expensive bubble wrap.

Even though it’s super fun to pop, you can just use your old towels, rags and even your old clothes to wrap your fragile items. You can also use coffee filters in between breakable items.

#3 Don’t buy boxes.

Check your local classifieds or even Facebook. People are always willing to give their moving boxes for free when they’re done with them. You can also ask grocery stores which have new boxes every week.

#4 Pack like a boss

Start with things on the wall. Don’t pack clothes in boxes. You can just use a garbage bag and pack them like a dry cleaner bag. Also, don’t unpack your drawers. You can just wrap them with packing wrap, toss them into the truck and just unwrap at your new home.

#5 Label

Label several sides of the box and on one side, label every single thing that is inside the box.

#6 Be ultra organized.

Color code boxes with different colored tape based on the room that they need to go to. Make a master list and place them in a places where people can see it to move the items properly to each room.

#7 Put all moving supplies in one bin.

Put your supplies such as packing wrap, tape and so on, in one place to make it easier for you.

#8 A bin for essentials.

It’s really important to have prepare a bin for essentials such as toilet paper and hand soap which you’ll really use once you moved in.

#9 Snap one last picture of old home.

Take a picture of you and your family at your old home and say goodbye!



10 Grueling Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mover

Doing a DIY move can save you a lot of money but sometimes we need to hire professionals to give us a peace of mind. Choosing the best moving company to hire can be a tedious process considering that you need to trust your money and possessions with them.

Hiring the right people for the job is one of the important steps in the moving process. Here some mistakes that you need to avoid when hiring a mover:
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